Code of Conduct

1.    Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.
2.    No antisocial behaviour. No bad language, obscene gestures, violence, and “put downs”.
3.    Players must show RESPECT at all times to their Coaches, Managers, Officials, Referees and the opposing team.
4.    Be ready on time for practices and games.
5.    Older players should set an example for younger players.
6.    Respect your team mates and support one another at all times.

1.    No use of sticks and pucks outside the rink.
2.    Wear protective gear at all times.
3.    No Food or Drink on the Rink.
1.    Use a professional manner at all times.
2.    Be a positive role model for your players.
3.    You do not have to tolerate inappropriate behaviour, address it immediately.
4.    Encourage team members to have fun and play fair.