Code of Conduct

1. Privacy Statement – Your privacy is respected by us. The information you provide with your membership application will be used to provide services for you, and for the purposes of registration, participation, and team selection within the policy framework of the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club.

2. The Registrar of Incorporated Societies requires that our membership records include information such as date of birth and occupation. Players are required to provide a copy of their birth certificate if requested by their team manager or Club Captain.

3. Members under eighteen years of age – must have the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. Parents and guardians may exercise membership as outlined in the club’s rules.

4. Membership is provisional until ratified by the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club Committee.

5. Standards of behaviour and sportsmanship – Players and guardians must conduct themselves, and endeavour to ensure others in their company conduct themselves, in a proper and reasonable manner in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and Inline Hockey New Zealand (IHNZ), the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club’s Code of Conduct and any IHNZ event notice – both on and off the rink, during the game and at practice:
· treat each player with respect
· observe appropriate standards for developing our youth
· refrain from using inappropriate language
· provide a safe playing environment for all participants
· show proper respect for referees, coaches and all other officials; and
· show respect for the facilities provided for inline hockey

6. Game time – Coaches will endeavour to achieve reasonable game time for all players, especially at junior club level – where the emphasis is on the experience, playing to each player’s potential, team building and challenge of ‘trying’ to win. Coaches have the discretion, in consultation with their team and the team manager, to ‘play to win’, which could result in certain players having more game time than others. Team managers and coaches have the right to bench any player for part or all of any game if (in the opinion of the manager and/or coach) their conduct does not meeting the standards of behaviour required on or off the rink.

7. A membership will be withdrawn, suspended or terminated if the member:
· Is convicted of an indictable offence; or
· Fails to comply with the IHNZ Code of Conduct, or the club’s rules and policies; or
· Acts in a manner considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the Club or its members or brings the sport into disrepute
· Does not remain in financial good standing with the Club.

8. Risk Warning – Skating activities can be inherently dangerous and accidents can and do happen which may result in players being injured.

9. Safety of players – ALL players are required to wear the following MINIMUM safety gear at practice, during warm-ups and at competition:
· Helmet designed for hockey with chin strap properly fastened. The wearing of a full face mask and internal mouth guard are highly recommended for all players.
o All players under 19 years MUST wear a full face mask designed for hockey and internal mouth guard
o All players 19 years or over MUST wear a MINIMUM half visor or half cage designed for hockey
· Gloves designed for hockey
· Knee and shin protection
· Elbow pads
· Glasses must have plastic lenses
· Optional – we recommend all players wear a hockey girdle and male and female players wear a protective cup

10. Safety of coaches and assistants – ALL coaches and assistants who are under 18 years old must wear an approved hockey helmet with full face cage or visor and chin strap properly fastened when on the rink with players during trainings and game warm-ups

11. Game officials – Each team must supply a scorer or timekeeper for each game. This is the responsibility of the team’s players and their caregivers if under 18 years. Being accepted as a member of Hamilton Inline Hockey Club Incorporated also means that you agree to make yourself available to meet this game obligation.

12. Travel accommodation – Any accommodation that has been booked on behalf of a player and/or their family by the club is the responsibility of the player/family. In the event of non-attendance and/or any accommodation-related issue, it is the player’s/family’s responsibility to settle their account.

13. Club membership – is set for each year at a General Meeting of the Club’s Management Committee and covers general club administration costs. You must be a fully paid up member of the Club before you can represent the Club at any event.

14. Affiliation – You must belong to both the Hamilton Inline Hockey Club Incorporated and Inline Hockey New Zealand (IHNZ) to play for this club in League games and any IHNZ-sanctioned events.

15. Training fees – The club owns the “Devils” rink. Hire costs are fixed costs and must be paid regardless of whether players attend their scheduled training or games. Team training costs are levied on a user-pays basis for all teams.

16. League game fee – The entry fee is for league or championship games only and includes the following mandated league costs – a one-off regional entry fee for each team (covered within the Club membership fee), and maybe $5 rink fee per game played per player (which covers competition rink hire and referee payments). Default fees, payable to the host club, apply for every scheduled game that a team fails to attend.

17. Tournaments and IHNZ event fees – Costs to attend Nationals, Inter-regional qualifiers or events, tournaments and friendly games etc. are additional to any costs already stated in this membership form and will be invoiced at the time to each applicable player on a user-pays basis (also see s21 ‘Representing “Devils” at Nationals’).

18. No Pay, No Play – Only players who meet the conditions of membership as outlined in this membership form will be permitted to represent Hamilton Inline Hockey Club in league and championship games, and/or at any IHNZ-sanctioned tournaments or event. The Committee of Hamilton Inline Hockey Club reserves the right to disallow any player or other person from representing the club at a game or elsewhere if they are not in financial good standing with the club.

19. All fees due by 31 May – All season fees and any arrears, must be paid in full by 31 May of the current year. Weekly payments throughout the year of approx. $10 would help achieve full payment by final due date.

20. Representing “Devils” at Nationals – Players who are not in financial good standing at 31 August of the current year will not be eligible to represent “Devils” in any team it puts forward to compete at IHNZ Nationals.